Poratam – Tamil Nadu Farmers protest 2018-02-09T22:51:58+00:00

1. A Dead Farmer - Protesters enact suicide committed by their fellow farmer due to crop failure and financial burden of him in form of raising family and fulfilling their needs and demands, and repaying crop loan - all without any source of income.

2. The Grief - The dead farmer's family, relatives and other acquaintances grieving his death. They were already burdened by the crop failure and financial pressure of repaying the loan, and now the main bread winner and biggest support is gone, compounding their problems manifold.

3. The Demand - As protest entered into days, and seeing no response from the government, the protesters thought maybe the government is deaf and not blind. So lets write our demands on our bodies so that they can see.

4. The Future - Protesters highlight their future state if status quo is maintained - Hunger and Death. 144 farmers committed suicide between October - December 2016 and on January 10, 2017 Tamil Nadu government declared drought in the state

5. Getting Support - As the protest continued and entered into weeks, protesters started to get support from politicians. However, the support was largely limited to lip service of taking their demands to the government and making them heard.

6. Solitary Moment of Joy - During protest, Madras High Court ruled in favor of the leader who had filed a writ in court seeking inclusion of even big farmers in the loan write - off and drought relief package given by the state government thus putting pressure on the Central government to act in their favor, atleast listen to them

7. Garnering more Support - As the news of their stay at Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi (protest site) spread, farmers from other states who were not as severely affected by the drought joined them for solidarity one day protest. Promises of larger, all India protest front was made but nothing concrete materialized.

8. Lampooning the Prime Minister - Having spend over a month protesting on road and still not being able to meet the PM even once, protesters targeted the PM for is arrogant attitude. Building on his single marital status and his penchant for taking selfies, protesters dressed as females and enacted how he would behave if he was here

Stalin, TN Assembly Opposition Leader is seen in a serious thought as he is about to address media while the TN farmer protest is not making any headway in putting pressure on the government to meet its demands

9. Loosing Hope - Having tried every stunt and met several opposition leaders and other farmer associations, a sense of gloom fell on the camp during last few days of its 41 day protest. Seen here is Mr. Stalin, opposition leader, TN Assembly who was the main supporter of the protest in deep thought before addressing the media.

Protesting Tamil Nadu farmers at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi have a disappointing end of their protest. As a country where Gandhi is considered Father of Nation and focused on farmers well being, is seen disappointed as farmers return with only human skulls in hand and not a crop loan waiver nor drought relief package which they had sought keeping them indebted and their life miserable

10. Status Quo - On the 42nd day morning, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister came to New Delhi and requested the protesters to end the protest as he will re-look at their demands and raise them with the central government. Thus a face saving exit was provided and the protest came to end with status quo maintained.