Stone Pelting Srinagar May 2017 2018-02-01T23:28:32+00:00
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq coming out of Jamia Masjid Nowhatta, Srinagar surrounded by media and separatist supporters after delivering hate speech and inciting crowd inside

1. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is surrounded by mediaperson and his supporters after he came out of Jamia Masjid having delivered hate speech and inciting crowd against Indian rule. His departure is followed by stone pelting which is a norm especially on Friday afternoons. Stone pelting typically ends after few hours but on May 26th, it was his first speech after nearly a week of house arrest and hence stone pelting continued till dark

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, separatist leader, delivering hate speech at Jamia Masjid Nowhatta, Srinagar after getting released from house arrest and inciting crowd to go against Indian rule and administration

2. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq delivering his hate speech to the crowd inside Masjid just before afternoon prayers. Incited by him and seeking God's support in prayers, handful of mis-guided youth resort to stone pelting to vent out their mis-guided anger and energies.

Stone pelters wearing Pakistan t-shirt and carrying Pakistan flag shout slogans to build the tempo for stone pelting

3. Stone pelters wearing Pakistan t-shirt and carrying Pakistan flag raise pro independence and Pakistan slogans to build momentum to pelt stones.

A stone pelter with face covered and arms wide open challenges Indian security forces to throw stone at him or hurt him. Other pelters stand behind carry Buhran Wani's posters and demanding Khilafat

4. Stone pelter wide his arms wide open challenging Indian security forces to hurt him. Stone pelters hurl stones at Indian forces from a distance with escape route to go inside Jamia Masjid is always ensured. Indian forces always answer back with small catapulted pebble as symbolic answer till situation forces them to act to control.

A small kid also joined stone pelting and throws stone at Indian security forces in Jamia Masjid, Nowhatta, Srinagar

5. A small wrongly motivated kid also joins the stone pelting momentarily. Till the security forces do not enter smaller lanes around Masjid, it is pretty harmless and normal situation, perhaps to which residents have adapted to. People cam be seen as spectators and watching how the situation develops.

Indian security forces responding back with tear gas and throwing stones back at pelters at Amar Singh College, Srinagar

6. As the news of death of Sabzar Bhat spread, so did the protests and stone pelting. Seen here is police trying to control stone pelting by students inside Amar Singh College, Srinagar. Death of the militant angered the youth and seperatist supporters leading to wide scale protests in different areas of South Kashmir.

Armed Indian security forces at Jamia Masjid, Nowhatta, Srinagar, judging the scenario and waiting for the right time to act and control the stone pelters

7. Indian security forces exercise maximum restraint even in tense and volatile situations. Seen here are two security personnel judging the situation and determining their need and extend of action.

Injured stone pelter being brought down from ambulance and shifted to SMHS Hospital, Srinagar

8. As protests went out of control, security forces had to resort to action resulting in injuries to stone pelters and their supporters. Seen here is an individual being shifted from ambulance to inside hospital in SMHS Hospital, Srinagar

People at SMHS hospital in Srinagar sloganeering in support of injured pelters being brought and against prevalent situation

9. As the injured poured in, civilians who were already present in the hospital, raised slogans in support of Islam and peace giving clear indication that neither they liked nor supported what is happening and also they felt that Islam is being targeted.

This is the usual end of any stone pelting episode - road full of stones as pelters escape in cover of darkness and forces go back to their base knowing tomorrow will be a new day with same story.

10. Stones is what remains at the end. Stone pelters after throwing their stones and exhausting their energies escape, taking cover of darkness and narrow alleys. Security forces return to their bases unable to proceed further. What is left is stones which can be seen everywhere as mark of what is left.